What people are saying about their Quooker Taps…

Dunne and Frankowski

What people are saying about their Quooker Taps…

Purple Kitchens, kitchen showroom; “We just love our Quooker UK Tap so much we had to have one at home too.”

Matt Edmondson
Angela Griffin, actress and presenter; “Bloody brilliant, can’t live without it!”

Matt Edmondson, Radio 1 DJ; “It is genuinely the best thing EVER. I couldn’t go back to being without one. It’s life changing! Not only do I bloody love my Quooker tap, but the installers are wonderful.”

Sir James Dyson, inventor; “Caffeine aids inventive brains, but watched kettles never boil. So we installed Quooker taps; giving quick, easy access to boiling water – functionality at its best.”
Galton Blackiston
Galton Blackiston, chef; ” I have one at home and have had one at work for a while now: it’s so brilliant we decided to get another for making guests’ tea and coffee every morning at Morston Hall. Brilliant for poached eggs! We use it quite a bit for pans of boiling water in the kitchen; it’s quite indespensible.”

Caitlin Moran, columnist and author; “It is still in perfect condition. And everyone STILL loves it! Thank you!”

Tracy Ann Oberman, actress; “It changes how you use the kitchen. Time saving, efficient, hygienic device – invaluable.”

Tracy Ann Oberman
Danny Green, footballer; “The new Quooker Fusion, everyone needs one! Seriously mate it’s amazing. I make a cracking tea!”

Kirsty Allsopp, property expert; “I’ve got one in Devon, I love it, and planning to get one in London soon, congrats on a great product!”

Nicky Parry, Quooker owner; “Just had my first cup of tea and I can honestly taste the difference. No scum on the top of the water either. It now takes me 5 seconds to make a coffee!”

Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux Jr, chef; “My wife wanted the Quooker – and I couldn’t agree more. It’s so practical.”

Tim Lovejoy, presenter; “I finally put my kettle away as I’ve not used it for months due to my Quooker. Hilarious watching parents’ reaction to tea from a tap!”

James Max, radio presenter; “Big fan of the Quooker. It’s amazing. A favourite gadget. Most useful for a cup of tea! NOW! No waiting around. And cooking! No waiting around for kettles to boil for cooking veg or pasta.”
Dunne Frankowski
Dunne Frankowski, creative London coffee company behind The Sunday Club; “Amazing install by your boys, best equipment install ever!”

Danbury Interiors, kitchen showroom – “Buying a Quooker boiling Water Tap isn’t just a treat, it’s a real investment.”

Simon Cox
Mark Wilkinson OBE, founder of Mark Wilkinson Furniture; “Boiling water taps are all the rage. Perfect for making hot drinks in an instant or filling up a pan to pop on the stove – they’re still a practical option, even if you have children. We love the beautiful design of the Quooker ‘Classic’ tap.”

Simon Cox, footballer; “Had my Quooker installed yesterday and it looks class. Would highly recommend getting one of these.”

Shelina Permalloo, author and former MasterChef contestant; “Quooker – pretty genius actually… was very helpful when we were challenged with time!”

We can’t argue with that.

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