CEA Design Fre 17

Date: July 7, 2015 Category:

CEA Design Fre 17
Spouts in stainless steel AISI316/L, satin and polished finish, that can be combined with all remote controls of the deck- and wall-mounted CEADESIGN taps collection. For water saving reasons, all washbasin and bidet spouts are equipped with aerators that limit the flow rate to 5 lt/min, replaceable with aerators for a greater flow rate in case the spout is used to fill the bathtub. For the same water saving reason, shower heads are equipped with regulators, for a rate of 8 lt/min or 14 lt/min, depending if the diameter or the length is 200 mm or 300/400 mm respectively. Regulators can be removed during installation for greater flow. The FRE17 and MIL90 hand showers are equipped with check valve.

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