Samuel Heath launch new raw brass finish

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Introducing a new elegant non lacquered brass finish
After a long awaited launch, Samuel Heath is excited to introduce this elegant new addition to the Samuel Heath collection of finishes which builds on the current desire for warm metal tones in interiors and the success of their recently launched Bronze finishes.
Samuel Heath uses only the purest solid brass in its manufacturing process. For this latest collection, the brass components are hand polished to produce a high-shine, without additional plating or lacquer. Leaving the brass untreated means that through repeated use and exposure the metal will react to moisture and the oils naturally occurring on your hands to develop a distinctive patina.
The appearance of each piece will evolve over time; daily use will imbue each fixture with its own individual warmth and character. The beauty of raw brass is that it can be polished, returning it to its pristine state if so desired.


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